Greening the Theatre Royal


'Greening' the Theatre Royal


Our 'green journey'

Theatre Royal Waterford is actively working to reduce its impact on the environment. The theatre’s green team of dedicated staff members have embarked on a series of energy efficiency and climate adaptation changes throughout the building, focused on the circular economy, waste management, urban biodiversity, and renewable energy technologies.

We are a member of the Green Arts Initiative, Ireland. Having recently conducted an environmental audit with partner Waterford City & County Council, we have begun to implement recommendations that aim to reduce the theatre’s carbon footprint and promote sustainability through artistic performance.


Our Shakespearian-inspired ‘All the World’s a Climate Stage’ urban biodiversity garden was created in 2022 with the support of the ESB Brighter Future Arts Fund and Business to Arts.

As part of the project, artist Elaine McDonough (Newgrange Willow Design) created a recycled metal dancer that stands proud of place within the garden. Both the garden and the sculpture were inspired by nature but also theatrical performance and Theatre Royal’s rich heritage: the theme ‘All the World’s a Climate Stage’ is a play on Shakespeare’s famous line “All the World’s a Stage..”, from his comedy  ‘As You Like It’, which was first performed at Theatre Royal on the building’s opening evening in 1785.






Our sedums are wonderful succulent, drought-tolerant plants that grow like weeds and need little babying. Climate adaptable, this planted carpet changes colour throughout the seasons and has high disease tolerance.




A selection of summer flowers are on display in our biodiversity haven pollinator beds, including red hot pokers, foxgloves,  anemones, delphiniums, artichokes, catmint, Salvia ‘Mainacht’, Verbena bonariensis, Geum.



Our glorious winter bed contains a selection of autumn and winter plants that enjoy sandy soil, including a variety of ferns (erythrosora, affinis, athyrium) and ranges of sedums and flowering and berry plants: (aubrietia,  Sedum spectabile, Callicarpa dichotoma/ Purple Beautyberry).

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