Date:  2nd February

Time: 8:00pm

Price: €25.00

Where is My Mind Podcast Live Tour 

Where is My Mind is an award-winning Spotify exclusive podcast, Where Is My Mind, hosted by Niall Breslin. Niall Breslin is one of Ireland’s most formidable and inspiring mental health advocates and public speakers. An active polymath, he is also a bestselling author, musician, philanthropist, and a former professional athlete.

Niall’s personal experience has informed his journey to becoming a leading figure in mindfulness – and in how we can demystify mindfulness and make it a part of our daily lives. He started the Where is My Mind podcast to explore how we can better look after our heads and hearts in the chaos of the modern world.

Where is My Mind covers a diverse ground in terms of subject matter and interviewees, but at its heart, it is a podcast which takes an honest look at how we as humans can live better, more authentic lives by not shying away from the tough stuff, but rather facing up to it, together. In the past, Niall has looked at the power of music, how our culture uses fear to manipulate us, how nature can heal us, dealing with internet pile-ons, how your tattoo artist can turn into your therapist… and even spoke to his best friend about death while driving him to hospital for major brain surgery.

Guests have included Dan Harris, Mike Ryan,Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin, Jameela Jamil, Prof Andrew Hubermann, Dr Chris Ryan, Ruby Wax, Prof Luke O’Neill, and Sharon Salzberg.

Where Is My Mind charts regularly in UK and Ireland top 10, and our sister podcast, “Wake Up, Wind Down”, has also charted number one in UK Spotify charts as the top Health and Wellbeing podcast, number 1 in the US Health and Fitness Spotify podcast charts and top 10 US Spotify podcast charts overall. Where is My Mind won a coveted British Podcast Award, taking the gold medal for creative podcast of the year. Other nominees for the award included David Walliams and a number of podcasts produced by the BBC.


Quote from Niall Breslin on taking the podcast on tour:

For the live shows I’m getting to combine my two favourite things which is podcasting and performing and being live on stage and connecting with a live audience. The show will be a mix of interviews and big stories, and we will take a deep dive into the little piece of meat between our ears to see how we can better take care of it in the head-melty chaos of the modern world. There’ll be psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and also we’ll look at how culture influences our heads. We’ll also have performances, spoken word, music, you name it. Ultimately, it will be an incredibly entertaining and insightful show. Through monologue, music, and conversations with exciting guests, the unvarnished truth of the human condition will be revealed in an entertaining but meaningful way. This is a journey into the real thing. Tickets for the tour are on sale now.

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