Date:  2nd December

Time: 7:00pm

Price: Booking In Person ONLY: €15.00

We would respectfully ask that members of the public unaffected by sensory issues would not book for this performance, and please allow families who want to come the opportunity of booking for this special show. It may be the only time in the year a family gets to experience the theatre, and we really want to look after as many families as possible.

On Sale Monday October 11th at 10am. 

No online or phone bookings.

Bookings can be made in person ONLY


Information Sheet

Waterford Panto Society are delighted to be able to present a Sensory Performance this year suitable for families that are affected by Autism and other special needs on Thursday December 2nd. We understand there are many questions out there about the performance, so we have outlined a few answers here for you to peruse.


What exactly is a “Sensory Performance”?

A Sensory Performance provides a supportive and welcoming environment for children and families who may have sensory issues.

What adaptations are made to the show?

  • A reduction and in some cases elimination of loud and jarring sounds and sound effects.
  • A reduction in sound levels from both musicians and the in-house sound system
  • Modification of the house lights in the auditorium during the performance, which will stay on at 75% of their normal brightness.
  • Modification of stage lighting to two states of ‘On’ and ‘Off’.
  • Elimination of flashing and strobe lighting.
  • Accommodated house rules - audience members are able to talk or move during the show.
  • Extra Staff support on every exit door from the auditorium - audience members are free to take a break and leave the auditorium if they need to.
  • A spare seat left empty on either side of your family for extra comfort.
  • A slightly longer interval between each act.


Will we get to see the whole show?

Yes you will get to see the entire show, but in a modified format as outlined above. The content of the show will be the same.

Will the show be at 8pm?

No - for this performance only the show will commence at 7pm.

Can I Book Online for this show?

No - because of the nature of this performance, booking may only be made in person at the Theatre Royal Box office who will assist you in choosing seats and lay out the seating areas accordingly. You also cannot book by phone - it must be in person at the Theatre Royal.

Can I Choose Where I want to sit?

You can choose Stalls or Balcony (subject to availability). We are not putting the Upper Circle (Gods) for sale for this performance. Please note the seating has to be laid out a certain way, so even though you are free to select where you want to sit in terms of rough location, the exact seats you are looking for may be in slightly different positions.


Waterford Panto Society look forward to welcoming you to this special performance on December 2nd at 7pm. This performance is only possible with the kind support of the Theatre Royal, and we’d love to acknowledge and thank the management and staff of the Theatre sincerely for their support.

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