Live Stream of PETTICOAT LOOSE by Martina Collender

Live Stream of PETTICOAT LOOSE by Martina Collender

Date:  14th May

Time: 8:00pm

Price: €10.00


Petticoat Loose, a new play by Martina Collender, will be live streamed from Theatre Royal on Friday, 14th May. Steeped in Waterford folklore, this play tells the story of a woman who was said to have the strength of five men, to have drank during church times, and to have killed children. Her spirit is said to still appear to men who are travelling roads. This play explores what turns a woman to a legend, what makes her commit acts of hell and who was she before legend set her in history. 



Petticoat Loose - Nicola Spendlove 
Thomas - Keiran Walsh 
Seán Óg - Cillian Jacob

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Keiran Walsh
Kieran is an actor, a reactor, and pro-tractor.
He began in Loose Screw Theatre's 'Boxer', and since then has worked on productions of 'The Crucible', 'Our Town', 'Shadow of Heroes', 'One Hundred Thousand Breaths', 'Henry VI Part III', 'Six Days' Work', 'Wife to James Whelan', 'The Hall', 'The January Show', 'Assassins', 'Raymond & Dutch: The Case of the Last Green Bag', and, in recent years, 'Macbeth' and soon 'Prince of Denmark'.
He also absconded to Russia to appear in the television series Пекарь и красавица, which is exactly what it sounds like."

Nicola Spendlove

Nicola Spendlove is a Dubliner who moved to Waterford in 2015. She needed to make friends and was unwilling to play sport, so she decided to become an actor instead. Since then, she has been fortunate to play many roles on both stage and screen. She has also written four of her own productions (The Afters, A Blast, Five Year Plan and Muse), which have enjoyed a surprising amount of success thanks to the supportive Waterford arts community.

Nicola’s favourite type of acting challenge is when she gets the chance to play a person who once existed in real life. She loves the research that goes into creating a sensitive and accurate portrayal of someone from the past. Nicola has been especially enchanted by playing the titular role in Petticoat Loose, a woman who we know only in legend but who surely could not be as wicked as the story suggests.

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