Date:  7th April To 9th April

Time:  8:00pm To 10:00pm

Price: €29.50

HELLO BUOYS is the hilarious debut stage play, by Number One Best-Sellingauthor Amanda Brunker presented by Mansworth Productions Ltd.

This wickedly funny comedy directed by Richard Mansworth, is the story of two best-friends muddling their way through middle-age, on a voyage of discovery that reignites their lust for loving, life, and lads in tight Speedos!

For the first time together, MARY BYRNE ( X FACTOR ) and EILISH O’CARROLL (MRS. BROWN’S BOYS ) will have audiences laughing, crying, and singing along to classic uplifting songs old and new! ROB MURPHY ( CHEERIOS PANTO ) plays the outrageous resident Drag Queen, AMan-Da Hug-N-Kiss. Along with her BINGO and Karaoke assistant Debbie McGee, played by RICHARD MANSWORTH and the Cruise Director played by AMANDA BRUNKER (Author) at Certain Venues, all passengers will sail straight into Crazy Town, if not made walk the plank first!

All ‘Cruising Cougars’ are further spoilt by the presence of friendly men in teeny, tiny swimming pants, and hunky Italian crew that occasionally lose their shirts when dancing…

While HELLO BUOYS is a camp comedy with a naughty sense of humour, our leading ladies will embark on a much greater journey than just around the Med, and so will audiences too…

Find us on Facebook and Instagram @hellobuoystour or visit www.hellobuoys.com for behind the scenes footage and more!

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