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Our Staff

Our Staff

Theatre Royal is managed by an experienced team all dedicated to customer and production service excellence.

Please use email when contacting relevant team member.

Our Staff

Greening the Theatre Royal

Greening the Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal Waterford is now actively working to reduce its impact on the environment, in collaboration with our partners below.

The theatre’s ‘Green Team’ of dedicated staff members have embarked on a series of energy efficiency and climate adaptation changes throughout the building, focused on the circular economy, waste management, urban biodiversity, and renewable energy technologies.

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Technical Specifications

General Loose Equipment

Orchestra Pit

11 x. Music Stand
10 x. Music Stand Light
1 x. Conductor Music Stand


10 x. 1-2 Metre Stage Brace
6 x. 1-3 Metre Stage Brace
10 x. Swivel Coupler
5 x Boom stands 2- 3 metre
11 x short Boom arm
7 x. Medium Boom arm


2 x. (approx) 13 amp 4 Gang Plug Board (10 metre)
7 x. (approx) 13 amp 4 Gang Plug Board ( 3 metre)
10 x. (approx) 13A IEC
Various leads and adaptors - ring tech manager for details


1 x 4.1M Zarges Combination Ladder
1 x 8.35M, 2 Part, Extension Ladder
2 x Step Ladder
Various rigging, conduit, and fixings - ring tech manager for details

Backstage Accommodation

Green Room

Access: DSL Corner
It is possible to use the Green Room as a Dressing Room. However, advanced notice must be given to the Technical Manager.

Dressing Rooms

2nd Floor:
1 large (accommodates 8 – 10) & 2 medium (accommodates 4 -5 each)
1 Laundry room
3rd Floor:
1 large (accommodates 8 – 10) & 2 medium (accommodates 4-5 each)
Access: DSR wing

Power Supplies


1 x 5 Pin Cee F - 63A TPN General Purpose, located in Scene Dock
1 x 3 Pin Cee F - 32A SPN (Clean Earth), located in Scene Dock


1 x 3 Pin Cee F - 32A SPN (Clean Earth)
2 x 5 Pin Cee F - 32A TPN General Purpose
1 x 5 Pin Cee F - 63A TPN General Purpose


1 x 5Pin Cee F - 32A TPN General Purpose

General Purpose

13A Twin Gang, to all areas

Clean Earth Supply

13A Twin Gang, to all areas


Show Relay

Show Relay to: Green Room, Dressing Rooms and Box Office, via over stage Microphone and Dual 100v Line Speakers


Stage Manager's Paging to all Backstage Areas from stage managers desk


Talkback Inputs wired to all areas of Stage, Fly Gallery, Control Room, Orchestra Pit, etc. ASL Pro Dual Channel Base Station (located in Comms Rack)
5 x Single Channel Belt Pack
5 x Single Muff Headset

System Management

2 x Allen & Heath IDR & Hub

Stage CCTV

CCTV Monitor Inputs wired to Stage, Dressing Room, Orchestra Pit, Green Room, Foyer, Box Office, and Dress Circle
1 x Colour Camera, complete with IR Gun located in the Upper Circle
5 x CCTV Monitor

Stage Managers Desk

Loom Input DSL and DSR

PA System - Part 1

Mixing Desk

Yamaha LS9 32 Digital Mixing Console
Soundcraft impact


1 x Nexo NX 4x4 Power Amp (use for front of house system)
1 x Nexo NX 4x1 Power Amp (use for front of house system)
1 x Nexo NX 4x1 Power Amp (use for on stage or spare)

FOH Speakers

2 x Nexo Ps15 Full Range Cabinet
4 x Nexo Ps10 Full Range Cabinet
2 x Nexo Ls600 Sub Bass

Loose Speakers/Monitors

4 x Nexo Ps10 Full Range Cabinet
2 x db flexsysfm12s active monitors
1 x Behringer euro live b215D

Stage Mic/Line

DSR: 24 x Sends, 8 x Returns
DSL: 12 x Sends, 4 x Returns
USR: 6 x Sends
USL: 6 x Sends
Orchestra Pit [right]: 11 x Sends, 4 x Returns
Orchestra Pit [left]: 12 x Sends, 2 x Returns
Fly Gallery: All above wired to Control Mic/Line Patch

Speaker Outlets

40 x No. NL-4 Speaker Outlets, available throughout stage and orchestra pit, via patch @ Amp Rack


Hard Drive PC
1 x Denon DN-C110 CD Player

PA System - Part 2

Microphones / D.I.

8 x Shure SM58 Mic
1 x Shure Beata 58a mic
4 x Audix I5 mics
1 x Drum Kit Mic Set AKG Session 1
3 x Sennheiser e604
9 x Black Boom Stands Tall
5 x Black Booms Stands Short
3 x Black Straight Stands
1 x Black Table Stand
1 x Sennhiser G3 500 series 935 Handheld Radio Mic
1 x Sennhiser G3 500 series 945 Handheld Radio Mic
6 x Sennhiser G3 300 series bell packs and 8 x Sennhiser HSP Essential headset mics
6 x Sennhiser MKE 2 - eW lapels
5 x BSS AAR133 DI Box
2 x Behringer Ultra-Di Di-100
40 x XLR and other relevant leads
Contact Technical Manager for details


Contact Technical Manager for details

Mix Position

Control Room (Centre Rear Auditorium Stalls)
Please note: Mix position is strictly in Control Room Only

House Lighting


ETC Unison Architectural Control
Various outstations located around stage, backstage, control and box office
System also controls all Blue/White Work Light


Dali PL
LED Down Lighters


All levels and groups of seating areas are wired in separate zones/circuits, for separate control.

Production Lighting - Part 1


124 x Strand Wallmount 2.5kw


5 x 12-way, 16amp, Internally Wired Bars
3 x16amp DSL, DSR, USL, USR
Upper Circle: 32 x 16amp, in Semi Circular, Internally Wired Bar
4 x 16amp, Non dimmable positions

Dress Circle: 16 x 16amp, SL and SR, Internally Wired Bar
4 x 16amp, Non dimmable positions


1 x ETC ION XE and 20x20 Fader Wing
1 x Strand Palette VL 6400 500 Console(back up)
DMX / Ethernet distributed to all areas, via Control Network, DMX Merge and Splitter & Patch on SL Gallery

Production Lighting - Part 2


8 x ETC Source 4 PAR EA Lantern
10 x CP PAR Lantern, complete with, CP62
5 x Thomas Par 16 Birdies
8 x Iris 1 Flood Lantern
17 x Selecon Rama, 1200 watt, ACCF Fresnel Lantern
5 x Selecon Rama, 1200 watt, PC Fresnel Lantern
6 x Source 4 Zoom 15/30 Lantern (extra 2 in fixed position)
5 x Source 4 Zoom 25/50 Lantern
8 x Source 4 Zoom 14 Degree lantern
2 x R.J. Ginger, 2000 watt Follow Spot
6 x RGB, ProLights studio cob wash
4 x Cheuvet R2 spot
4 x RobeBeam 150
1 x Unique Hazer (fluid not supplied)
Accessories for Profile Lanterns include, 4 x Iris' and a selection of Gobos and holders
Please note: Theatre Royal does not supply color
Projector Screen 4mx3m see fly floor plan downloads for position
Projector Sony VPL-FH66 - 6000 lumens
Some additional LED fixtures in fixed position. Contact Tech Manager for further details


Various, DMX, 16 amp extension, Soacapex, splitter, Trelco blocks, & jump cables, etc are available, Contact Technical Coordinator for details.

Drapes and Masking

House Tabs

Permanent House Velvet on 1 Motor Set, with Veriable speed control at DSR
Permanent Velvet House Border

BWS Drapes

1 x Black Wool Serge (Fixed for upstage position)
Width: 6,200mm (approx.)
Drop: 6,500mm (approx.)

BWS Borders

3 x Black Wool Serge, Masking Borders
Width: 6,200mm (approx.)
Drop: 2,500mm (approx.)

BWS Masking Flats

4 x Free standing/movable Stretched black wool surge & off stage returns 5 m x 1.2m
2 x Free standing /movable Stretched black wool surge with , No Return , 4m x 1.2m
Drop: 6,500mm (approx.)


1 No. Filled Cloth Cyclorama
Width: 6,200mm (approx.)
Drop: 6,500mm (approx.)
Stretched on Aluminum Frame


Black sharks tooth gauze
Width 6,200mm
Drop 6,500mm

Masking Flat

2 x 14ft x 3.5ft Masking Flats
2 x 6ft x 3ft masking flats

Flying and Rigging

Motorised Sets

6 x Hauling Bar (1 for House Velvets)
Travel Speed: 3 Second / Metre
Max Loading: LX bars 500kg
Length: 9,000mm

Hemp Sets

7 x Hauling Bar
Max Loading: 70kg
Length: 9,000mm

Side Sets

2 No. Manual Winched Raise & Lowers Sets
Max Loading: 250kg


No Rigging Points separate from existing Lighting Bars


Level 1

Stalls - 178 No. Fixed tip up seats, on a raked floor

Level 2

Dress Circle - 165 No. Fixed tip up seats on a raked tier

Level 3

Upper Circle - 89 No. Fixed tip up seats on a raked tier

Control Room

Positioned: Rear of Stalls
Access: from Backstage via The Foyer

Stage Area - Part 1

Proscenium Stage

Stage Floor

Flat Softwood Timber on Battens (painted black)

Cross Over

Long route via a series of backstage corridors

Safety Curtain

Safety Curtain immediately US of Proscenium
(Safety Curtain must be able to fly in at all times during performance)

Pros Width

5,800mm (from pros to pros)

Pros Height

6,400mm (from stage to pros)

Gallery Width

9,790mm (from fly gallery to tech gallery)

Stage Width

12,400mm (from side wall to side wall @ pros line)
12,200mm (from side wall to side wall @ US line)

Stage Height

1,100mm (from auditorium floor to stage)
13,500mm (from stage to grid underside)
7,010mm (from stage to fly / tech gallery)

Stage Dept

5,500mm (SR, from US line to safety curtain)
7,500mm (SL, from US line to safety curtain)


Stage Extension / Pit Cover, available at request. Extends Stage Depth by 1,800mm @ Centre Line. Ask Technical Manager for details

Stage Area - Part 2

Orchestra Pit

Curved Permanent Pit, in front of stage, extending 1,800mm (approx.)
Access: via Backstage, or FOH, Stairwell
Accommodation: 18 - 25 (approx.)


Very limited scenery storage space available

AV / Steaming Equipment

Audio Visual

1 x SONY VPL-FH66 - Projector 6000 lumens
Projector screen 4 m wide x 3 m - high, front projection only, (position/control room)
The screen can be hung in a variety of positions up/downstage and at various heights (please note, the further upstage the screen is hung the lower it needs to be to the stage floor if there is an audience on the upper circle, i.e. a full house

Streaming Equipment

3 x JVC AVC HD Progressive 4K Cam – GY-HM 180E
1 x Data Video PTC-140 HD PTZ Camera

1 x Data Video RMC-180 PTZ Camera Control Unit
1 x Roland 3G-SDI Video Switcher V-1SDI
1 x Black Magic ATEM Mini Pro Switcher

2 x Aceail i605DX Tripods

We stream via Vimeo LiveStream Studio 6
3 fixed camera positions in auditorium, one manned position in operators box Various relevant cabling, please contact Technical Manager for details

General Information


430 Seat classical Victorian Theatre with Proscenium stage on 3 seating levels


The Mall, Waterford


+353 (0)51 853626


Theatre Director: Mary Boland theatredirector@theatreroyal.ie
Technical Manager: Dermot Quinn dermotquinn@theatreroyal.ie

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a concession ticket?

A concession ticket is a reduced price ticket that may be available to the following: children (18 years and under), students, senior citizens (65 years and over only with identification) and registered disabled/unwaged (available with appropriate ID) Many of our shows have concessions available, and they must be requested at the time of booking. Concessions not requested at the time of booking cannot be allocated later. Proof of eligibility will be required when collecting tickets.
Please note that not all shows have concessions available, as they are at the discretion of the promoter of the event.

Is Theatre Royal wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Theatre Royal is wheelchair accessible.
The Stalls has 4 removable seats for wheelchair access - D1, D20, F19 & G1
These tickets are not available online, please contact the box office on 051 874402 to book these tickets.

Wheelchair accessible seating will be released 1 week prior to the performance.

Do I need a ticket for young children?

For health and safety reasons, all children aged 3 and above require a ticket to enjoy a show in the Theatre Royal.
Children aged 2 and under will be admitted free of charge to all performances and are permitted to sit on the lap of a parent/guardian. Parents/Guardians must let Box Office know about their baby on arrival at the theatre. If a parent/guardian wishes to have a separate seat for their baby they must purchase a ticket accordingly.

Please consider customers behind you when handling your baby; it is important that you do not block the view of the child or patron behind you.
Please also consider the customers in front of you at all times.
No buggies are permitted in the auditorium. A member of our Front Of House team will assist with storing buggy.

What are your Child Protection Policies?

Child Safeguarding Statement

Child Welfare Statement

All children aged 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Why is there a booking fee?

The booking fee goes toward covering the administration costs that the Theatre Royal incurs in the process of selling a ticket, such as credit card processing fees, bank charges, box office staffing and agent/administration fees.

What payment methods does the Theatre Royal accept?

Tickets can be purchased by cash, cheque, and credit or debit card.
If you are paying by cheque, please make crossed cheques payable to the Theatre Royal Waterford.
The credit and debit cards accepted for payments are Visa, MasterCard and Visa Debit over the telephone and in person. We accept Visa and Mastercard and Visa Debit online.

Does the Box Office provide cash back?

We regret that our Box Office does not provide cash back services.

Can I get a refund or exchange tickets for a different show?

The Theatre Royal can issue a Voucher Refund to customers under the following policy.

A refund can be made no later than the close of business, 4pm, on the day before the event.
A refund will be made to the value of the ticket in the form of a voucher for Theatre Royal events.
No refund or voucher can be issued on the day of the event or following an event.

In the case of a performance being cancelled or rescheduled, you may avail of a refund up to 30 days following this change.
After 30 days it will revert to our refund policy above.

Why are my contact details asked when purchasing a ticket and what do you do with that information?

When you book a ticket at the Theatre Royal, your personal information will be held in our database for the purposes of contacting you regarding an event should we need to, e.g., cancellations or seating change.
Please see our Privacy Policy for more details https://theatreroyal.ie/about/our-privacy-policy

No personal contact details can be taken from patrons under the age of 16. A parent/guardian email or phone number must be provided to be used only in the case of postponement and cancellations.

How do I book tickets online?

To buy a ticket, you will need to select a particular show and date.
Select your seats - available seats will be shown in green (unrestricted view) and orange (restricted view), unavailable seating will show up as pale grey.
To change the level that you would prefer to be seated in, select the dropdown menu above the seat map (if a level does not show in the down bar it is either full or is unavailable at this time).
Once you have chosen your seats click Confirm Selection.
Performances may have multiple pricing selections so you will need to choose the relevant price from the dropdown at this time.
Once happy with this, click Add to Cart.
Go to your cart in the top right hand corner to view your order.
Select your preferred delivery method (Box Office Collection or E-ticket).
Choose Continue to checkout.
You have the option to login or continue as a guest.
You will have 15 minutes to complete the order before the tickets are released.
To do so, enter your credit card details (payment by Visa, Visa Debit or MasterCard only) and select the Pay Now button underneath.
If you are paying with a voucher, there is an option in the top right and input your voucher code.
You will then receive an email confirming your booking (if you do not receive this email contact box office on +353 (0)51 874402 or boxoffice@theatreroyal.ie).
Please show your ticket on a smartphone when you arrive at Theatre Royal.
If you are collecting your tickets at Box Office please arrive 30 minutes before the performance is due to begin.

Please note that, for security reasons, we do not store your credit card details in our system.

How many tickets can I book online?

Up to 10 tickets can be purchased on the Theatre Royal website.
If you are looking to make larger group bookings please contact the box office on +353 (0)51 874402.

How will I know when my booking has gone through?

Once you are satisfied with your seat allocation and have entered your credit card details on the final booking page, click Pay Now to process the booking. You will then receive an e-mail confirming your booking.

If you do not receive this email please contact Box Office on +353 (0)51 874402 or boxoffice@theatreroyal.ie

Where exactly is the Theatre Royal?

Theatre Royal is located on The Mall, in the heart of Waterford City.
When travelling on N9 (from Dublin), N25 ( from Wexford) or N24 ( from Limerick) follow signs for Waterford city centre and cross over the bridge. At the traffic lights, turn left and proceed down the Quay and Custom House Parade. The road will bend to the right, away from the river, with The Tower Hotel facing you. Go straight through the next set of traffic lights and the Theatre Royal is on your right hand side.
When traveling on N25 from Cork, follow signs for Waterford city centre, until you get to Parnell Street, which then becomes The Mall. The Theatre Royal is on the left hand side of The Mall.

The train station is located approx 2km from the Theatre Royal.
Make your way across the bridge, turn left onto the Quay, continue on as far as the Tower Hotel, turn right and continue for approx 100m, Theatre Royal will be to your right. Please check Google/Apple Maps or call 051 874402 if you experience any difficulty.

The Bus Station is located approx 1km from Theatre Royal. Turn left onto the Quay, continue on as far as the Tower Hotel, turn right and continue for approx 100m, Theatre Royal will be to your right. Please check Google/Apple Maps or call 051 874402 if you experience any difficulty.
If coming from the Cork Road direction, disembark on Parnell Street to your right, Theatre Royal is approx 100m away

There is a City Bike Station located directly across the road from Theatre Royal on Bank Lane.

As Theatre Royal is a Green Arts Venue, we recommend the use of public transport, walking, cycling or car shares where possible.

How do I get to Theatre Royal sustainably?

As Theatre Royal is a Green Arts Venue, we recommend the use of public transport, walking, cycling, and car shares where possible.

There is a City Bike Station located directly across the road from Theatre Royal on Bank Lane.
If needed, there are electric car recharging station located in Bolton Street Carpark (behind Waterford Crystal), on Waterside, and on Parnell Street.

Is there parking available at the Theatre Royal?

The Theatre Royal is located in the heart of Waterford city, and there is plenty of on-street parking in the area.
The nearest car parks areas are Bolton Street Carpark, Gasworks, Waterside, and The Quay.
If needed, there are electric car recharging station located in Bolton Street Carpark (behind Waterford Crystal), on Waterside, and on Parnell Street.

At what time does the bar in the Theatre Royal open?

The Stage Door Bar is open on performance evenings one hour before the performance is due to begin.

What does it mean when a performance is a Session?

During a Session, the Stage Door Bar will remain open until 5 minutes before the performance time; theatre customers have the option to bring Stage Door Bar purchased beverages into the auditorium with them and enjoy from the comfort of their seat while taking in the performance.
The Stage Door Bar will reopen at the interval.

Is there a Hearing Loop System in Theatre Royal?

Yes, Theatre Royal does have a Hearing Loop System.

However, certain acts do require us to have this system turned off due to technical interference.
We recommend that you contact the Theatre in advance of the performance.

Can I use my phone in Theatre Royal?

Phones may be used in the Foyer, Box Office, and Bar areas.

The use of phones and recording equipment is not permitted within the Auditorium.
Any use of these devices may result in you being asked to leave, without refund.


Our History


The Theatre Royal is Ireland’s oldest continually operating theatre. Lovingly restored, this Victorian gem hidden within a beautiful Georgian building is a jewel in the midst of Waterford’s Viking Triangle. The building opened in 1784 and included a playhouse and Assembly Rooms which were designed by famous Waterford architect John Roberts. The first performance on the opening evening was Shakespeare’s popular five-act comedy As You Like It. The Ball Room, which we today call The Large Room, was completed later in 1788.

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The building was upgraded to the auditorium that we see today in 1876 when the doors of the new Theatre Royal were first opened. At that time it was stated that “we have sufficient guarantee that nothing of an objectionable character will ever be presented within its walls”! And that has remained until today! In those early days, Oscar Wilde lectured on America here and may even have recounted that famous anecdote that when asked at American customs if he had anything to declare his response was “only my genius”.

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In the 1900s it was used as a musical theatre, and a cinema, playing host to King Edward VII, The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Harold Pinter and a host of local theatre groups.

In the 1950s it was briefly suggested that the performance area be closed and that the theatre converted into council offices. However local dramatic groups and the general public revolted at the thought and the theatre reopened in 1958. Two years later it hosted the first ever “Waterford Festival of Light opera” which ran for over 50 years.

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In recent years the theatre has undergone extensive renovations, including the addition of state of the art dressing rooms and the restoration of the 18th century wall at the rear of the stage.

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Over the years, Theatre Royal has brought acclaimed artists and creative teams from Ireland and overseas to work closely with the abundance of local talent we are so lucky to have on our doorstep. The aim has always been to cultivate indigenous artistic expertise and knowledge whilst also producing world class theatre for the city and the region.
Productions include the Irish Premiere of A Moon for the Misbegotten by Eugene O’Neill in an international co-production with the Geva Theatre Center, Rochester, New York.

The Memory of Water by Shelagh Stephenson (2012), The Beauty\Queen of Leenane by Martin McDonagh (2010), Eden by Eugene O’Brien (2013) and a new Irish Opera, The Invader by Eric Sweeney and Mark Roper (2014).
Theatre Royal’s annual Shakespeare Review was developed to assist Leaving Cert students to gain a deeper understanding of Shakespeare’s iconic masterpieces by lifting the play off the page and onto the stage, is watched by thousands of young people from across the South East annually.

Macbeth Review 2023

Theatre Royal’s 2023 Shakespeare Review featured Jamie Beamish (Bridgerton; Derry Girls) in the title role and director’s chair for Macbeth.   This invaluable revision resource ahead of t...

Mentoring Programme Performance At The Theatre Royal

In September 2019 27 young people from St. Angela’s Ursuline, Newtown, De La Salle and Mount Sion schools were chosen to be the creators of their own theatre production. bringing these young peo...

Sky Road

Jim Nolan’s enthralling play begins on a summer evening in a coastal village in the south of Ireland. Frank Conroy (Barry McGovern) has recently been appointed Minister for the Environment. The f...

Wallace Balfe

Commissioned by the Theatre Royal from playwright Bernard Farrell, to celebrate the reopening of the theatre in 2009 after a closure of 2 years for renovations. By special arrangement with their ...

Beauty Queen

The Beauty Queen of Leenane by Martin McDonagh Friday 22 to Saturday 30 October 2010 A richly dark comic thriller which portrays the ancient, manipulative Mag and her virginal daughter Mauree...


Eden by Eugene O’Brien Tuesday 24 to Saturday 28 May 2011 From the author of RTE’s Pure Mule, Eugene O’Brien’s play Eden was first directed and premiered at the Abbey Theatre in 2001 ...


Shakespeare review Hamlet 2011 Tuesday 18 to Thursday 19 January 2011 This open stage production is designed specifically for the needs of Sixth Year students preparing to sit their exams in ...

Memory of Water

The Memory of Water by Shelagh Stephenson Thursday 8 to Saturday 17 March 2011 Three sisters come together in the highly charged atmosphere on the eve of their mother’s funeral. With snow f...


Shakespeare Review Hamlet 2012 Tuesday 17 to Thursday 19 January 2012 The Theatre Royal welcomes Senior Cycle students to participate in our interactive Shakespeare Review. Working alongside ...


This is the fourth year the Theatre Royal presents its excellent Shakespeare review series following The Lear Review 2010 and The Hamlet Review 2011 and 2012. The 80 minute production presents key ...

The Invader

Based on The Bacchae of Euripides May 2014 Eric Sweeney’s strikingly beautiful composition will be brought to the stage creating a contemporary world familiar to us all, which gives the ill...

King Lear

Click on the See More button to view the full gallery from the show.

Eoin Colfer’s My Real Life

Wexford man Noel has advanced MS and decides to end it all. While waiting for his overdose to take effect he records an increasingly rambling message for his best friend, which is to serve as his l...

A Taste of Beckett: Footfalls & Krapp’s Last Tape (2017)

Footfalls, performed by Waterford actress Carrie Crowley, is a moving and poetic distillation of the relationship of a mother and daughter evoked by two voices as a figure paces back and forth on a...

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